Integrating openstack swift with rados backend to NextCloud

To read how to make openstack use ceph as object storage backend, visit: Create openstack user “NextCloud”. Create project “someproject” – this will be our tenant. Add user to project and specify his role ‘swift_admin‘ (as defined in ceph.conf in post above). This is needed for user to be able to create container within object storage. Login as newly […]

Openstack networking VLAN

To create floating IP pool on VLAN tagged physical network: First create a VXLAN network (L2 network):   Now let’s create VLAN network (physical): “-provider-physical-network vlan” is taken  from openstack_user_config.yml  – network: container_bridge: “br-vlan” container_type: “veth” container_interface: “eth12” type: “vlan” net_name: “vlan” range: “102:102” group_binds: – neutron_linuxbridge_agent It can also be found in neutron-server-container: Create a subnet: Since virtual machines […]

Openstack object storage on ceph

This is mainly post for myself to not forget, what was done. To configure Openstack to provide object storage service via Cpeh you need to create RadosGW server (or HA cluster). On openstack utility node: On ceph controller node, edit ceph.config file: /etc/ceph/ceph.conf Note: ‘swift_admin’ represents a additional role, which can be added to non-admin user for him to be […]