Integrating openstack swift with rados backend to NextCloud

To read how to make openstack use ceph as object storage backend, visit: Create openstack user “NextCloud”. Create project “someproject” – this will be our tenant. Add user to project and specify his role ‘swift_admin‘ (as defined in ceph.conf in post above). This is needed for user to be able to create container within object storage. Login as newly […]

Openstack networking VLAN

To create floating IP pool on VLAN tagged physical network: First create a VXLAN network (L2 network):   Now let’s create VLAN network (physical): “-provider-physical-network vlan” is taken  from openstack_user_config.yml  – network: container_bridge: “br-vlan” container_type: “veth” container_interface: “eth12” type: “vlan” net_name: “vlan” range: “102:102” group_binds: – neutron_linuxbridge_agent It can also be found in neutron-server-container: Create a subnet: Since virtual machines […]